Kazi has been a serial entrepreneur who has founded and guided multiple businesses across various industries. He has always created ways to monetize his passions. 

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Kazi is a man of many talents. He is a hip hop performer, creative director and photographer 

Brand Strategist

Kazi works with influencers, entrepreneurs and public figure to help them mold market and monetize their personal brands. 

Motivational Speaker

Kazi travels nationally and internationally inspiring audiences through performance, exhibiting and lecturing year round.


Kazi is the architect behind several innovative social ventures designed to create conversations for change.


Kazi is the author of the bet selling book,  Me Incorporated: How To Mold, Market & Monetize Your Personal Brand. 


Chris Kazi Rolle is a multidisciplinary artist and 

personal  branding expert who merges creativity and psychology to assist people in becoming their best selves.


Kazi Creative Agency

Content Creation Company

Stone Garden Spaces

Wellness Retreat Space

Supa Mega Foods

Superfood Supplements

Together Apart

Relationship Coaching Company

Chris Kazi Rolle

Chris Kazi Rolle is a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur who merges business and creativity to connect and empower people globally. 

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